Saturday, May 30, 2009


We've had such amazing weather this last week- like in the mid 80s! And we have been taking full advantage of it. Lots of trips to the park and playing in the water in the backyard. Here are some reasons why we love the hot sunny weather.
1. Hanging out in our swimsuits most of the day.
2. Playing in the little kiddie pool and big kiddie pool.

3. Sassy wet hair dos.
4. Being able to spend so much time outside that we don't make any messes inside.

5. Getting the chance to show off our muscular physiques.

6. Playing made up water games with anything we can find in our backyard.

7. Showing off our beach bodies.
8. Eating hundreds of otter pops (or water pops as Dallin says- water does make a little more sense than otter) and playing with friends.

Friday, May 29, 2009

It's official...

My baby is a shrimp. Brooke went to her one year appointment today. I knew she was a little thing, but I was a little surprised to see just how teensy (well at least 3/4 of her).

Here are her stats:

Weight 16lbs. 13.8 oz (not even on the charts)
Height 27 3/4 in. (10th percentile)
Head 46 cm (75th percentile- the only unshrimpy part about her- she's definitly part Widing. Gotta love those huge heads)

She also had to have her shots- so sad! And her brothers laughed at her when she cried and held her breath- so mean!

Star Wars?

This morning we had some time to kill, so for a little project the boys decided they wanted to make masks. We searched online and this is what they chose. Meet Obi-Wan-Kenobi and the Storm Trooper.

The boys (especially Tanner) love Star Wars. The funny thing is Aaron and I aren't really big fans, and the boys have only seen bits and pieces of the movies. Something about those light sabers gets them hooked. A laser and sword combined?!? Tanner doesn't think it could get any better than that. (Look closely and you'll see Dallin has his shirt on inside out and his shorts on backwards- love it!)

Tanner's mask kind of freaked me out. I couldn't stop laughing at him while he was wearing it. "Why do you keep laughing at me Mom?", "I am just so surprised at how cool you look Tanner." Yeah, something like that. Brooke thought the Storm Trooper was funny, but hated the Obi-Wan mask. It really scared her. Can't say I blame her.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Brooke!

May 22nd was Brooke's first birthday. Her first year flew by- and I survived a year with three kids at home! It helps that Brooke has been such a sweet baby.

Her brothers adore her, and love to make her laugh. It has been so fun to watch them interact with her. I love listening to them talk to her in a high-pitched "baby-talk" voice.
Here Brooke is getting ready to leave the hospital. She is still my little petite girl- who will forever have a bow on her head (I just can't help it). We love her so much!

We headed up to Edgewood for Memorial Day weekend and had Brooke's birthday party on Sunday with our families.

Can you tell this party was for a little girl? What gave it away? Could it be the pink? After making train, football, baseball, pirate, and outer space cakes I was ready to go all out girl. I think everything turned out cute. I especially liked making her own little cake.

The cupcakes were strawberry cake with a cream cheese filling- yummy!

It was a gorgeous weekend, so we were able to eat and play outside.

Opening presents. Brooke got some very cute things and new girly toys. No more cars and action figures for her!
Her first dollar! She's rich!

Cake Time! Brooke LOVES being sung to, so when everyone started singing Happy Birthday, she just laughed and laughed.

So exciting!

She didn't quite know what to do with her cake. She just made raspberry noises and smashed it.

No, she's not crying here, just doing some serious raspberries/spitting while she mashes her cake.

Finally a little taste.
Happy Birthday Brookie girl!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Saturday Fun

It was a beautiful warm day on Saturday, so we took advantage of it and spent the whole day outside. We took a trip to Beacon Rock State Park. We had never been there before and heard there was a nice hike to the top with a great view of the Columbia River Gorge.
Beacon Rock (or Mountain Beak as Tanner calls it- "We made it to the top of Mountain Beak Mom." "Yep, we sure did Tanner.")
On the way up.

Is there such a thing as a selective fear of heights? Well I think I have it. There was a sturdy rail the whole way up to the top, but I was still very nervous about losing someone over the edge. Notice the death grip on Dallin's hand? My veins are even totally popping out. I had to keep changing hands because he told me I was hurting his fingers. Poor Dallin. Aaron thought I was going a little overboard- I couldn't help it.

Almost to the top.

We made it!

The view to the east.

And to the west.

He's getting way too big!
The kids did great on the hike, no one even had to stop and rest (Of course it was only like a mile to the top). Tanner and Dallin say they are ready to go climb a mountain with Grandpa Widing, what do you say Dad? Are you ready for them?
On our way home we had lunch and then stopped at a park in Wood Village. It was pretty neat- different from all of our local parks.

Brookie liked it too.

Tanner is VERY excited about being able to do the monkey bars.

So is Brooke.
Do her arms even extend past her head? Hmmm...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Mother's Day To Us

We had a really nice Mother's Day dinner at Bob and Mary's on Sunday. All of the moms (my mom Leslie, cousin Melissa, Aunt Michelle, Aunt Katherine, Grandma Wheeler, Mary, Sara, and I) sat in the dining room and enjoyed the childless conversation while all of the guys and kids were in the kitchen eating (hopefully we didn't hurt their feelings when we slid the dining room door closed- it wasn't personal :) . It was really nice, the guys cooked everything, and even refilled our drinks and brought us dessert.

Wedding Weekend

Last weekend was a very busy weekend for us- since it was Stacie (Aaron's baby sister) and Cliff's wedding- Yay! The wedding which we almost didn't make it to in time- but more on that later. We got to Edgewood Thursday evening, spent Friday decorating and baking, Saturday mid-morning was the wedding, lots of pictures, then a luncheon, then the reception and more pictures. It was so much fun to see all of the Van Giesons and extended family.
Waiting for the newlyweds outside of the temple.
Jon is showing his hot pink tie he is oh-so-fond-of.

The happy couple.

The pink tie brothers (Jeremy was forced to put on his pink tie right after this picture), and a very pregnant Sara. All the brothers had a good time teasing (what they do best) Stacie about picking out the hot pink ties.

The "original" Van Giesons.

Is she seriously not the cutest 9 month pregnant lady you have ever seen? We expect a call any minute announcing baby Carson's birth!

This is how my boys spent a good portion of the evening- eating. (And maybe their mom did too. Too much good food!)

She thought all the family and friends were there to see her.

Brookie loves her Daddy! Look at how well they match, with their hot pink :)

When the kids weren't filling up on sugar, they were running the halls. Sara told me they counted Kylee's laps (the little lady behind Dallin) and she did over 30! That is what I should have been doing after cake, cream puffs, cheesecake bites, eclairs, more cake...
It was such a fabulous day with beautiful weather, a wonderful wedding ceremony, followed by lots of family and friends at the reception. What more could you ask?
So... back to why we almost didn't make it to the wedding. That morning I get up and am feeding Brooke on the loveseat in my parents family room. Dallin comes over to talk to me and sits on one of the oversized armrests/cushions. Well, there isn't much support under it and he flips off backwards and hits the back of his head on the metal edge of the tile hearth around the wood stove. He put a pretty good sized gash in his head (I should have taken a picture of it- it was a good one). So, it is about 8:30am and we are supposed to leave in less than 2 hours to be up in Bellevue at the temple. We all come to the consensus that it needs stitches. We didn't want to take him to emergency because we would be there for the whole day, and the urgent care places around town didn't open until 9 or 10 on Saturdays. Not too mention we are from out of town, with out-of-town insurance- so who knows how long that would take us, with all of the waiting and paper work. Well, it just so happens that Jeremy- one of Aaron's brothers who is in town for the wedding- is a General Surgery Resident. He had a connection with a local doctor and was able to get all the "sewing" supplies from him. So, poor little Dallin got his head sewn up in the Walther's kitchen by his uncle Jeremy. It was not a pleasant experience for any of us. It took both Aaron and I to hold him still while he got cleaned up, his numbing shot, and all sewn up. We get back to my parents (and Dallin is fine by the way- especially with the talk of Grandma taking him to the Dollar Store), and we get ready faster than we ever have before- it helped that I had already put on my makeup on in the car. We get to the temple at 11:35, the ceremony was set to start at 11:30. We speedwalk our way through the parking lot and temple. Luckily the sealer performing the wedding was a bit of a chatter, so we were able to sneak in before they really got started. Phew! So poor little Dallin has a few stitches in the back of his head, and will hopefully never sit on the arm of a couch again.