Thursday, June 25, 2009


Kim, Bronx, and Navie came to visit last week for a few days. It was so nice to see them and play. Here are a few highlights from their visit.

They wore each other by the end- so much playing. Thanks for visiting! We miss having you guys down the street. We are excited to come and visit you in Utah next month!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fish Factory

We went to the Fish Hatchery last weekend. Or Fish Factory as the boys call it. It makes much more sense to them- that is where they grow fish right?
There's a pool there with a ton of large trout that the kids can feed. There is a bucket of fish food that says to only take one handful. We may not have followed that rule very closely. They love feeding the fish- the fish jump and splash.

Here is an action shot.

There are some nice walking trails around the hatchery. We walked to a couple of the ponds. We've been wearing out the boys lately with all of our hikes- its been great. They fall asleep at night within seconds. Although, I can't say Brooke gets too worn out.

Aren't they handsome? I hope they will always be such great friends.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cottonwood Beach

We took the kids to Cottonwood Beach in Washougal for a picnic and walk. They had a great time throwing rocks in the river and playing in the canoes. I guess Lewis and Clark camped out at Cottonwood Beach, so to commemorate that the city made a bunch of replicas of canoes. They are actually kind of neat, they are sculpted out of some kind of cement. Anyways, the kids thought they were great.

The gourmet picnic lunch.
Looking sweet and innocent- right after she kicked Tanner's water bottle over.
Oops! Sorry Tanner!
I seriously think my boys could throw rocks in the water all day long.
Aren't they sweet?
Dallin is making a motor-boat sound, can you tell? I am not sure that Lewis and Clark had a motor on their dug-out canoes.
The explorer
Brookie loved the canoes, this is right before she got wedged between the side of the boat and the bowl of mussels.
Look at those short legs! Taking after her mama, poor girl!
We never get tired of looking at her sweet little face.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mount St. Helens

We took a day trip to Mount St. Helens this week. It was a really fun trip- even if we didn't get to see the top of the mountain. It was actually a pretty nice day- except for the big cloud in front of the crater. What can you do? We stopped at all of the look-out points, the Forest Learning Center, and Johnston Ridge Observatory. I highly recommend going if you are close by. There was so much to see, do, and learn. And it was all very kid friendly- a must for our family. Although, there was a kind of intense movie of the eruption that scared Tanner. He had a hard time sleeping that night, he was worried about lava, a mudslide, ash, or rocks getting us at our house. He's my worrier. The other week when we had thunder storms he was afraid of a tornado lifting up our house. I guess it is partially my fault- maybe I need to stop showing him videos on YouTube when he asks me questions about natural disasters. Anyways, here are some pictures from our trip.
One of the look-out points. I love this one of Tanner and Brooke.
On a nature walk at the Forest Learning Center.

I don't have to tell you that the boys liked this exhibit.

Views from the Forest Learning Center.

I love it when Dallin does a real smile- not his "cheese for the camera" smile.

There was also a fun playground to play on. We sent Brooke down the slide (a couple times)- she was pretty speedy laying down with her hoodie on.

She thinks she can be a big girl.

Another look out point- isn't it pretty? (Don't worry, she was safe there.)

The Eruption Trail at the Johnston Ridge Observatory. Can you tell what Dallin needs to do?
Love it!
Much better!

My hikers!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


We like smoothies!

They got a little excited about their bedtime snack. We think they should probably grow moustaches as soon as possible. They make us laugh!