Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Insult of the Day

Dallin (to Tanner while being teased): "Whatever, baby dot com!"
Too much technology?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Attempts at Holiday Pictures

Trying to get pictures of all three of the kids together is always interesting, and never quite works out. This time was no exception. We took some pictures before we saw Santa on Saturday, and then some more before and after church. There were a few that turned out pretty cute, although I was hoping for a really nice one of all three of them. Maybe next year...

She's a sweetie!

I am not quite sure why she has a jar ring...

Are they singing? Who knows?


This was as good as it got. I still think they are pretty stinkin' cute.

You better not cry, I'm telling you why...

Santa Claus is coming to town!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Our little artist

Brooke LOVES to color! And this is her favorite way to draw. I love it when I find her laying on her tummy coloring. She is constantly finding things around the house to color with and scraps of paper to color on (I should probably be a better housekeeper... someday.)
(And no, she did not draw that 1/2 of a person- that is one of Tanners unfinished projects. Notice the pencil's eraser as well, or what is left of it, that is her other specialty- yummy! I think most of the erasers in this house have been snacked on.)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Felt Frenzy!

I just had to share a Christmas present that I am really excited about (It is for all of my kids- but mostly Brooke). Over the past 2 months or so, two very creative friends and I have been working on the cutest felt food for our kids. We spent several nights cutting out things- then would go home and sew, then get together to cut out more felt and go home and sew... I am really happy about the way everything turned out, but I am also very done with felt. I don't want to sew on it for a very long time. The most important meal of the day.Lunch anyone?

Burgers and fries for dinner!

Save room for dessert?
I think the donut box might be my favorite. What do you think?

Be Merry!

Since I had so much fun making a Thanksgiving banner, I thought I better make a Christmas one too. In case you couldn't tell, it says "Be Merry." (I was having a hard time getting a good picture at the right angle- I had a light hanging down right in my way.)

I think it turned out pretty cute, I love anything Christmas.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Festival of the Nativity

Every year our stake does the "Festival of the Nativity." It is a pretty big production and our family loves going every year. There are hundreds of nativities, children's activities, and musical performances. It is a great way to start out the Christmas Season.
This was as close to a family shot as we could get.
Joseph, Mary, and one of the Wise men.
Nice bling Dallin.
He looks like he is up to something...
The two Wise Men.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Graduation Party

Aaron is officially done with school- woohoo! And when we asked the boys awhile ago what they wanted to do for a graduation party, they said they wanted to go to Big Al's to go bowling and play arcade games. Tanner had been there a few years ago to go to the arcade (he has a good memory), and he convinced Dallin that it was the cool place to go. So last weekend we went to Big Al's to bowl and play arcade games. And let me tell you my boys were SO excited. Can you tell?

Tanner did pretty good bowling (of course he did use the bumpers- which I should have done- he beat me by two points, then again he has had lots of practice bowling with Papa on the Wii).
Dallin was a good little bowler too, although it did take a few minutes for his ball to slowly roll down the lane, but it never got stuck in the middle- we count that as a success.
I love their little bowling shoes.

My boys (and a random teenager in the background).

Dallin was very interested in the fan on the ball return, cooling off maybe?

It was a really fun night, although I don't know when we will go again. I was a little surprised to see how much it cost for 4 people to bowl one game on a Friday night- pretty ridiculous. And by the way, Brooke and I were there too, but somehow managed not to be in any pictures (okay maybe there is one of me that Aaron snapped of my behind as I bent over to bowl- but no one needs to see that.)
Congratulations on finishing your MBA program Aaron! We are SO proud of you!