Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sew sew sewing...

I've been on a bit of a sewing kick lately. Which means Brooke's collection of dresses has been growing. I really should sew something for myself, but her stuff is just so easy and cute, and I am not sure I could get away with a peasant dress... Anyways, here is one of the latest. Sara and I had fun picking out this fabric for our girls when she was here visiting. Fabric Depot can be a dangerous place.
She gets so excited to wear her pretty dresses.
Like the Hitler moustache scab? She had a little mishap with the back patio. Going out the back door head first on your stomach doesn't always go as well as planned.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


One thing I love about Aaron (not that I want this post to get all mushy) is the way he plays. He is so good at playing with the kids. I don't really play, at least like he does. I read, craft, cook, sing, play games, and do homework with the kids- but not really play. Things with him get a little wild. But the kids LOVE it. And I love watching them too. They are loud, screaming, and laughing. It is heaven to me.

Last night I was running a quick errand by myself after dinner. I get a call from Tanner saying I needed to stop making Dad clean the kitchen so he could fight with them (I wonder who put him up to that one). They love to wrestle and "fight" with their dad. Even Brookie likes to be roughed up a bit, and will say "fight fight fight" to her dad. Are we promoting a little violence? Perhaps. But I have fond memories of all of us kids wrestling with my dad, and wondering how he could possibly overpower all of us. He was just so strong! And I turned out just fine :).
The trampoline was their wrestling mat last night.
I love it that you can see almost a foot of Dallin's underwear.

They're crazy!
Dog Pile!

He's getting so big!

And isn't he handsome too?!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Little Miss Brooke is such a girl and into anything pretty. She points out pretty things wherever we go. And she loves wearing her pretty dresses. She'll even touch her hair and if she doesn't feel and bow she will ask for one. Could it be because she has had a bow stuck on her head since the day she was born? Perhaps. This is how I found her the other day- with all of her "piddies". And a pair of kitty ears to top it off. The other night I painted her fingernails for the first time, and she loved it. She sat very still while I painted them and while they dried. But I may have created a monster- when she got out of the tub the next day she noticed the polish had chipped off one nail and she cried until I repainted it. She isn't even 2! Sheesh! We've had to do a few touch ups so far. But who am I kidding? I love having a little girly girl.

Visitors and Skiing

Last weekend was a lot of fun. Daniel, Sara, and their kids came down and stayed with us for the weekend. Sara and I were actually able to do some projects we were wanting to do for a while. We made a few dresses for our girls, some hair flowers, and spring banners. We were busy and luckily the kids cooperated. While we "played", the boys went skiing (except for Dallin and baby Carson). It was a beautiful day on Mt. Hood. Tanner graduated from the bunny slope and rope tow, to the chair lift and some intermediate runs. Aaron was actually able to ski this time.

Mr. Independent
Tanner was really excited for the huge nachos- check out his face. (That boy can eat- yikes!) I guess he took a huge bite that had quite a few jalapenos in it. He ended up drinking all of his water and half of Aaron's before his mouth cooled down.

Kylee and Dallin played really well. Aren't they cute!?
The kids and their bedtime snacks. (Tanner was sad I wouldn't give him another nutty bar- I am so mean.)

Come again any time Daniel and Sara!

Monday, March 15, 2010

More skiing

Aaron took both of the boys skiing last week. Dallin got to go this time, so he was very excited. He actually did really well. Dallin gets a little weird sometimes about trying new things, so we weren't really sure how it would go, but he did great. Unfortunately, the rope tow was closed so Aaron spent the whole time pushing the boys up the bunny slope, then running back down. Needless to say they didn't end up skiing as long as they otherwise would have. Aaron was pretty worn out by the end.

They are getting so big!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Go Blazers!

Last night we took the whole family to a Portland Trail Blazers game. It was a lot of fun, and the boys were so excited. We drove down to the Lloyd Center and had dinner, and then rode the train to the game.

Heading to the train.
On the train. I love this one! Brothers are the best! (some how Dallin always ends up closer to the camera, making his ample head look even more, well... ample)
Brookie loved riding the train too.

For Dallin the train ride was just as much fun as the game.
Tanner was really into it. He's super competitive about everything (I wonder where he gets it Aaron?), and is loyal to the Blazers- so he was watching intently.

Brooke did really well for being at the game for so long and not having much room to move.
Of course we did eat our way through the game.

Brooke has been mauling Tanner lately. She loves him, but sometimes loves him so much he gets his hair pulled, pinched, and scratched.
Go Blazers!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

One more project...

My friend and I also made these green rosette hair bows last night, and I just so happened to have a little bit of matching fabric from an old project. It was just enough to make Brooke a little dress. I have been seeing SO many cute dress ideas and tutorials, so I gave one a try. I think it turned out pretty cute. And don't forget to check out her sandals. Brooke's closet puts my closet to shame. Big time. It is really quite pathetic. (Ignore the ragamuffin hair- it was a post nap time photo shoot.)

Some new projects

I go through spurts of sewing and craftiness, and here are a few products from my recent "spurt."
My crafting friend Amy and I are in the process of making probably way too many hair bows/flowers. We can't help it, they are just so pretty!
But check out how cute this one Brooke is modeling. A little over the top? Probably, but I love it.
I also found a quick and easy pattern online for this peasant top. I think it turned out really cute, and it was so fast to make. I think the model is pretty cute too.

Next projects are to finish more bows, make an Easter dress and dress for Lauren's wedding for Brooke, and a dress for me for the wedding. Wish me luck!

He cracks me up

Dallin always makes me laugh. Even when he sleeps. This is how we found him the other night. With his Robin mask on (upside down and backwards of course). The night before he was sleeping with his (full of toys) backpack on.

I love it!