Monday, May 24, 2010

Photo Shoot

On Brooke's birthday we took her in the backyard to take some pictures. She was such a good little poser (it helped that I gave her a piece of gum). Here is the big two year old girl:

I'm two!

Okay, is she not the sweetest thing? (we'll forget for the moment about the huge tantrums she throws several times a day)

(don't worry, that is the gum- not a crazy tooth.)

We love our little Brooke!

Brookie is 2!

Our baby girl is two! She has turned into such a little lady. She loves pink and everything pretty. She loves to talk, sing, and dance. And like the other girl in this family she is just a little bit bossy and likes to get her own way. (After two boys I am definitely not used to her kind of high pitched screaming- yikes!) It's a good thing she is so cute. In case you couldn't tell we just love our Brooke.

Look at how she has grown:
I just want to cuddle her!

We had a pretty low key party with family and way too much cake.
She was a little afraid of the flame on the candle.

Look closely at the illustrated wrapping paper- the boys worked hard during her nap time.
So many pretties, so little time.

She hasn't quite learned that sometimes less is more with accessorizing. She got lots of fun things for her birthday, but her favorites by far were her jewelry and shoes.

Happy Birthday Brookie!

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Walk in the Park

We took advantage of the nice weather last weekend and spent an afternoon at the park. We did have a few mishaps though. There was a crazy dumb dog that managed to chase and nip at Tanner's heels as he was riding his bike, knocked over Brooke, and BIT poor Dallin! Luckily it didn't break the skin, but it did leave a nice welt. Lovely! The second mishap had to do with Tanner and his new bike. After months and months of saving and doing all kinds of jobs Tanner finally earned enough money for a new bike. He really wanted one with gears, so he got a mountain bike. It is a little big for him though, so sometimes he is a little wobbly getting started. It was time to leave the park, so he was going to ride his bike up the walkway to our van. Since it was only about 25 yards away I told Tanner I would just carry his helmet for him (yeah, not a good idea), so he gets on his bike, wobbles off the walkway and down this rock wall/slope. I turned just in time to see him go down. It was some extreme mountain biking. Luckily he didn't hit any of the boulders on the way down- just the ground at the bottom, and his bike did land on top of him. He only ended up with a bump and bruise on the side of his head- phew! This was what Tanner looked like going down the hill, minus the safety gear his mom thought he would be fine without.
But the rest of the park trip was fun!

Brooke was thinking she was pretty funny flashing her belly button.(These are similar to the rocks Tanner tried to ride down. except on a hill- yikes!)
Who are these kids? When did they get so big? (Like Dallin's orange popsicle dyed face? Ahh... popsicle weather- it makes me happy!)
We found some weird centipede or millipede thing. It was a big hit.

And we can't forget the trees. My boys are so sad we don't have any in our backyard. We went to a friends house to play last week, and they had a great climbing tree in their yard. Dallin asked if she could come over and play sometime and maybe bring her tree. Then he laughed because he thought he was so clever and funny. "Mom, was that so funny, that I said to bring her tree?" Dallin also found a new friend at the park yesterday. He informed his friend that his brother had a new mountain bike that could ride down boulders. Hmm... not sure about that one.

Who loves the sun?

We do! We've had some nice weather lately. Warm enough to actually play in the water. And I love it!

Brooke insists on being accessorized to the max- kitty ears included. She usually has more purses and jewelry, but it was hindering her popsicle eating.

Mother's Day Weekend

We went up to Edgewood over Mother's Day weekend. It was Lauren and Jared's Washington reception, so we were busy with that for part of the weekend. The kids had a good time running around and eating tons of sugar.
Brooke LOVED Lauren. She kept running up to her wanting to be held. She loved all her jewelry.
Brooke was loving playing in all the ribbon and decorations from the reception. "Pretties!"
The boys skipped the ribbons and went straight for the trees.

On Mother's Day we went to Aaron's parents for dinner. I think it may be my favorite dinner of the year. All the moms sit in the dining room with our "service bell", and the guys do all of the cooking, clean up, and feeding of the kids. Nice!
I just had to add this one. What a grubby baby! Yes, that is chocolate drool in case you were wondering.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Lauren and Jared got MARRIED!

My youngest sister Lauren was married on May 1st to Jared in the Salt Lake Temple. I was able to go down to UT and spend a couple days helping out and of course attending the wedding- which was amazing.
Aren't they the cutest? And isn't Lauren a beautiful bride?
The sisters. (Can you tell we are related?)
My very talented mother made Lauren's dress. Isn't it beautiful?
It was a cold wet day- it snowed the two days before! But everything still turned out great- even if Lauren's toes and fingers were numb by the end of all the pictures.

I LOVE this one of my dad, it makes me laugh. And if you know my dad at all, it will make you laugh too.

I am so happy for Lauren and Jared. They were just about as cute, happy, and excited as you could get. Congratulations you two!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Feelin' Patriotic

I had my craft night last night, and this is what we made. Now I am ready for Memorial Day and the 4th of July. I think they turned out pretty cute.