Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nehalem Bay State Park

Last week we went to the Oregon coast with some of Aaron's side of the family. We camped for 5 days/4 nights at Nehalem Bay State Park in a yurt. It was a wonderful trip. It was just the break we needed from "life", and it was great to be able to spend it with family. Unfortunately, Tanner ended up with some weird stomach bug (that he just barely got over), so he had his ups and downs. At first we thought he was just car sick from the windiest and dippiest road in Oregon the GPS sent us on. That is when the pukefest started- it was seriously the worst road we had ever been on, we were all sick by the end- darn you GPS! We went a different route on the way back- NEVER take highway 53 near Cannon Beach in a minivan- EVER. Tanner had to throw up in sandwich baggies I happened to have in my diaper bag, I know- gross. It was pretty bad. Anyway, Tanner was pretty sad that he didn't have as much fun as he knew he could have had. He was a trooper though and we still had a great time. (Watch out, TONS of pictures ahead!)
Isn't this the cutest dirty camping face ever?

Dallin and Kylee really played well this trip- although he did get a little bossy at times.

There was a beautiful beach with in walking distance. Sara and I were able to take a couple early morning runs on the beach- it was so pretty!

Mmmm... sand.

The campfire was a huge hit. Poor Tanner with his puke bucket. Amazingly, no one else got sick (at least not yet- knock on wood).

Brooke loved the ocean, and getting her feet wet. But, what she really loves is wearing her swimsuit. Wouldn't you if you had that little figure?

Tanner was a little more brave and jumped through the waves. Aaron, Daniel, and Sara were crazy and actually went all of the way in. Dallin and I were chickens and made sure we stayed dry above the ankles.
Aunt Micki and Uncle Pete got each of the kids a kite, which the kids managed to fly surprisingly well.
Dallin spent a lot of time running up and down the beach with his kite.

There were quite a few places to ride our bikes, so there was a lot of that going on.

This combines Dallin's two favorite things- tree climbing and bike riding. (Yes, he may have had a little help from his dad.)
It was raining a little one morning, so we checked out the Tillamook Cheese Factory, and of course got an ice cream cone. I love you Tillamook Chocolate Peanut Butter...

Dallin had to sneak in a quick milking. Those utters look like they have been through a lot. Poor Bessie.

We had a little Father's Day celebration for all of the guys. They got a can of A&W rootbeer telling them how AWesome they are.

We went to Hug Point for part of the day. It was a really neat beach- waterfalls, caves, sea life... lots to explore.

Doesn't that look kind of like some creepy dragon eye?

Can you spot Tanner and Aaron?

Random, I know.
Skipping rocks was another favorite activity. The boys are getting pretty good. Brookie just likes to get wet.
On the way home- notice the beat up forehead? That is what happens when you through a tantrum on pavement. She's still pretty cute though.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My kind of day

Today was definitely my kind of day. It actually reached 80 degrees (yeah!). We took a long bike ride, had a picnic, played at the park, waded in the river, and managed to wash both cars. Lots of sun and water. Is summer finally here? I hope so, because the weather has been a little ridiculous lately.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Oh Dallin...

We went to Safeway this morning and there was a group of about 5 little old ladies waiting to be picked up by their retirement home shuttle. Dallin takes notice and says (kind of loud) "Hey Mom, did you see all those white haired girls?" Yes Dallin, I do. "That sure is a lot of grandmas." Yep, sure is. He makes me smile.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

"I can ride my bike with just 2 wheels!"

Dallin finally got brave enough to try riding his bike without training wheels. He is so funny about trying new things sometimes. He gets himself worked up into a frenzy and it never ends well for him or the person trying to teach him something. He is my child who makes me laugh the most, but also tries my patience the most. Anyways, the little girl next door who is also 4 just learned how to ride her 2-wheeler. Dallin figured since he was 4 too and she was a girl, he better take those training wheels off. So Saturday we took them off, and he took off down the street on the first try- FAST! After a couple more days of practice I think he has got it all down. Starting out and turning was a little tricky, but he is quite the little bike rider. He is VERY proud of himself (and I am too).

My baby is a bobble head

Brooke had her two year old check up on Tuesday. Here are her latest stats:
Weight: 22.4 lbs. (3rd percentile)
Height: 31.5 in. (5th percentile)
Head: 49.5 cm (90th percentile)

Yep, she's a bobble head. But a cute one. She's been tracking along the same height percentile for awhile now and if she continues guess how tall she will be at 18 (according to the Dr.'s chart)? Yep, 5 foot 2 inches. Just like her Momma.