Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Fun

We finally have had some consistent summer weather. Thank goodness! It was starting to get a little depressing there for awhile.
Brooke has loved hanging out in her "swimsoup." (But wouldn't you, if you had those little legs?)

We finally could get out the bigger pool and play with our friends.
Lots of mornings at the park...

At the spray park downtown. They never get tired of it. We really need more of them in Vancouver.

Just a little bit of cuteness...

4th of July Festivities

I am finally getting around to doing some blogging, I need to get caught up before our next "big" adventure. And before I forget too many details of what we have been up to. On the 3rd of July we went to our ward's annual pancake breakfast in the park. The kids had a parade starting at the church and ending down the street at the park. My boys loved decorating their bikes and being in a "real parade" (there were even two drummers and two motorcycles- so it was serious business). In fact, their bikes are still partially decorated. Tanner is pretty proud of the flag he made and that it is "just like a real one" with all the stripes and stars.

I had big plans of dressing the kid's up all patriotic-ish and getting some cute pictures- yeah, really didn't work that way. Brooke was crabby and had to hold a pink balloon. And my boys, well they are boys.

I do really like this one of Tanner though.

On the 4th we hung out in the front yard with our neighbors. They had a table with a little fire pit in the middle, so we made s'mores and the kids played. Later we all lit of fireworks and got eaten alive by mosquitoes.
Brookie and Naehayla ate chocolate and sat in the pink jeep for a good part of the night. In fact, that is where Brooke watched the fireworks. I thought she would be a little scared and want to sit with me- nope, she loves that jeep.
She kept sneaking the chocolate for s'mores- no wasting time with the graham cracker and marshmallow.
Aaron vs. all the kids at baseball. It was a pretty close game, but the kid's managed to beat him. Aaron really needs to practice. Maybe he should start going to the batting cages in his free time.