Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dallin, Dallin, Dallin...

Dallin started preschool a little while ago and just loves it. I wanted to get some pictures of him before preschool, but was running late, so I had Aaron snap a few before he left for work. I think these sum up Dallin's personality quite well. He's such a nut.

But look at this gem at the end! Isn't he handsome? He is getting so big. He will be 5 in a week and I can't believe it. Where did my bald chubby big headed baby go?

Brooke feels a little left out since she can't go to school, but I think this made up for it a little.

We are easily entertained

I am not exactly sure how this all started... It was Aaron showing off his artistic abilities after our family night lesson. The kids thought it was hilarious. Tanner even showed a few of his friends at recess. We'll see if anyone else shows up at school with "belly button people." It just might end up being the new "thing".

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lookin' Good!

Poor Tanner! According to Tanner he was trying to do a "pop a wheelie" on his scooter, and this happened. We can't really figure out exactly how it happened, and how he landed face first on the sidewalk while attempting a wheelie- it really doesn't make sense. He ended up with a bloody nose, scraped and swollen nose, 2 skinned elbows, and a nice "Hitler moustache" of a scrape under his nose. He's going to look great for school in the morning.

Sewing projects

I pulled out my sewing machine after a long summer break, and probably went a little too crazy. Brooke is ready with her fall wardrobe. Here it is:

(the pictures aren't the best- she's a little ratty in some, but you get the idea)
I used an outgrown shirt to make this little number.

She was in a bit of a daze watching PBS.

Brooke insisted on wearing her black "princess" slippers for this one.
And her sparkle shoes on the wrong feet for this one. She loves the pockets in her skirt.

Isn't she sweet? This is a fun one to spin in too.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gone Fishin'

We went up to Edgewood for Labor Day weekend, and while we were there, Grandpa and Uncle Mikey took the boys fishing. They had much better luck this time than in times past (they had never caught anything before).
They each caught around 10 fish (they threw them all back- thank goodness). Most were little ones, but then Dallin showed everyone up and caught a really good sized bass. Check out how it compares to the other little fish.
Grandpa was so proud of Dallin catching that big fish with just a little earthworm, hook, and bobber. He printed up a couple pictures of him with the big fish- one to take to work and show off and one to hang up on the bulletin board at the sporting goods store.
Dallin didn't want to hold the big fish because he didn't want to "stick his hands in those open spots", otherwise known as gills. I can't say I blame him.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day of School

Today was Tanner's first day of first grade. Pretty exciting stuff for all of us. He was very anxious to get back to school and after the last few weeks of complaining about how boring everything in our house was, we were ready for school to start too. Although I am a little sad about having him gone all day five days a week. We missed him at lunch today.

Isn't he handsome?

On a side note, Dallin built a jet pack today. He is a genius with a little tape and garbage. Watch out NASA.