Monday, January 31, 2011

Dresser Re-do

I have had this dresser sitting in my garage for about 4 years (Aaron kept trying to get rid of it). We got it from family when they moved to AZ. Anyways, I am not one to turn down furniture with hidden potential, so I snagged it. It was in pretty rough shape. A few years ago I had started stripping it, thinking I might stain it, but there were about 72 coats of paint on it, so I gave up. I sanded it down a little more and put my own 3 coats of paint on it.

Dallin was my little helper. I showed him how to put a washer on a screw and then how to screw the knobs onto the drawers. He came and got me when he was done and he had done all the drawers and even put the drawers back into the dresser. He was pretty pleased with himself. And it actually helped me out too.
I am pretty happy with how it turned out. Not perfect, but not bad for a freebie. Or almost freebie. I did sort through a huge bin of knobs at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, and managed to find 8 really nice knobs for 25 cents each. I was pretty excited. Now it is ready to be filled with some clothes for our baby-on-the-way (as soon as we find out what we are having that is).

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Super Fans

Last night we went to a Blazers game. It was a pretty pathetic game, the Blazers lost to the Kings- it was a bit disappointing. But the games are always fun and the kids love them.
We only wish our seats were that close.

The kids are way cuter, but I suppose we should document us being there too.
Check out Tanner's face. I love it! He is our super fan for sure. His voice was so hoarse by the end, it was great.
Brooke was taking notes on the players' stats.
One exciting part of the game was that we saw Michael Jordan. Not up close and personal of course, but he was sitting on the baseline. Can you spot him? Aaron has had a man crush on Michael Jordan since the '80s. The boys even have posters hanging on their walls that used to be Aaron's. So they all thought it was pretty exciting to see him there (Aaron may have been a little giddy). In fact, the first thing Tanner said to me this morning was "Mom, wasn't it pretty cool that Michael Jordan was at the same game as us?"

Watch Out, Outer Space!

When Tanner is at school Dallin's creativity comes out. He comes up with something new and interesting almost everyday, we go through a lot of scotch tape in our house because of it. Yesterday he made a spaceship (can you see him in there?). No scotch tape this time though, just our poor abused couch pillows. He said there are rocket boosters on the back, so I am pretty sure he could make it into space with that thing.

Uncle Bigfoot

That was the book they were reading. We really don't have an Uncle Bigfoot, at least that I know of- although we do have quite a few large footed men related to us, hmm... Anyway, Aaron and I were cleaning the kitchen the other night, and things got really quiet in the other room. And this is what we found. Pretty cute if you ask me. I love it that Tanner is quite the little reader now. Sometimes it makes me sad to see him getting so big, but I love seeing him learn and accomplish new things.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A few Valentine's Day projects

Even though it isn't even February yet, I put up a few new Valentine decoration projects. I can't say I get too into actual Valentine's Day, but I really like all the the hearts and glittery pink and red.
Sara and I made these coffee filter wreaths over Christmas break. Not too bad for $2.
At my last craft night we made quite a few Valentine projects. The Mr. and Mrs. sign was one.
The old-fashioned Valentine was another.
And we made the chalkboard banners as well.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Extravaganza 2010

Dear Tanner, Dallin, and Brooke-

Again it is that time of year,

Christmas is oh so very near.

My elves have been busy making lots of toys,

For all the good little girls and boys.

My reindeer are excited and ready to go,

Anxiously waiting while playing in the snow.

My workshop is full with so much great stuff,

I am not sure if in my sleigh there will be room enough.

I heard you’ve been trying as hard as you could,

To be as good as little children should.

Something needs to be done,

To make sure I have enough time to finish my delivery run.

Oh! I’ve got an idea that is so grand,

I am sure you will agree with this new found plan.

To your house one day early I’ll be on my way,

To make sure all the toys are delivered by Christmas Day.

Since you are so special to me,

You’ll find your presents on December 24th under your tree.

Don’t forget to put out the milk and cookies with your little paws,

For Dear Old Santa Claus.

That is the letter that the kids received from Santa on the 22nd. Santa was going to come one day early! So exciting! It was nice and "convenient", since we were wanting to head up to Edgewood on the night of the 24th. So we did all of our Christmas Eve traditions one day early. We ate Papa John's pizza and drank rootbeer while watching a movie, opened new pajamas, and went to the Portland International Raceway to see the Christmas light display.

She's turning into such a little lady.


Christmas morning...
What a little stink face! I think this is when I told her "no candy until after breakfast." I know, I am mean.
Oh man, Star Wars stuff- serious business in our house.

It was a full house at the Van Gieson's. Stacie was there with her family from Utah. As well as Jeremy and Jenny and their kiddos from Michigan.
More presents...

Brinley was such a sweet big cousin for the little girls. She put together a tea party.

And did make overs. They were lovely.

And then there was Christmas #3 at the Widings. Rod was there with his 2 kids. We missed Katie and Lauren. Next year...
Check out my kids' faces- a little scary.

Grandma made Brooke a Cinderella dress. She LOVES it!

And she got a doll with a little chest of clothes.
A little bit of ring around the rosies.

I just noticed I didn't have many pictures with the boys playing- probably because they spent most of their time in the basement at the Van Gieson's playing the Wii.

It was a wonderful Christmas. We ended up staying up in Edgewood until New Years. It was great to be able to hang out with family and the kids loved having their cousins to play with.