Friday, May 27, 2011

Oregon Coast Weekend

A few weeks ago we spent 5 days on the Oregon Coast.  We stayed in a house in Gleneden Beach with Grandma and Papa Van Gieson, and Sara and Daniel and their kids.  It was kind of our last "hurrah" before Aaron's surgery and the baby comes.  We had a great time.  We ate too much and played on the beach.  The weather could have been a little warmer, but not too bad for the coast in early May.  We can't wait to go again.

Here is our trip in photos:

The kids did really well playing together, of course digging in the sand was a big hit.
Tanner was working on perfecting his rock skipping.
The grown-ups always play horseshoes on the beach.  I found a plastic set for the kids, they were pretty excited about that.
Check out that form!
It's always fun to chat with Sara and catch up on life.
The sand dunes provided hours of fun.

Here's the view from the back deck.  It was beautiful!

Lookin' good guys!  Daniel was able to borrow some wet suits from friends, and he and Aaron did some body boarding.
Brooke was feeling left out, so she had to get a picture in her swim wear too.

We found a fun park to go to in Lincoln City.  Dallin was really proud of his new found monkey bar skills.  He's got his "concentration tongue" going.

The body boarding- I guess they stayed pretty warm with all their gear on.  I didn't even get my toes wet- a total wimp I know.

Aaron was mobbed by seagulls.  Although he was asking for it with a handful of crackers.  I stayed in the car for this picture- no seagull poop for me thank you very much.

We spent a day at the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport.  It was really fun.  The kids loved it.
We decided this snake could probably swallow Brooke whole.
In the piranha tank.

There was a shark tank that you walked through and could watch the sharks "underground" too.  Kylee and Brooke loved it.

The kids decided they could campout here if they needed to.
Brooke loved running away from the waves.  It was really cute to see her run and scream.

I love this action shot.  Dallin is our very cautious one- at least when it comes to the ocean.
Not Tanner, he got soaked every chance he got.
More rock skipping.
 Dallin was very pleased with the deep hole he dug.  I just love that boy's smile.