Sunday, August 7, 2011

Eight is Great!

Tanner turned 8 on August 2nd.  I can hardly believe it.  He's turning into an older kid.  How did that happen?  Does that mean I am turning into an older mom?  I sure hope not.  Tanner is getting baptized on Saturday and is so excited.  He has been waiting and waiting.  "Why can't kids get baptized when they are 7 1/2 Mom?"  He also got to go to his first Cub Scout activity this week.  They went on a day trip to the Ape Caves by Mt. St. Helens.  He had a blast.  His grandparents got all of his Cub Scout supplies, and he looks pretty slick in his uniform.

Here are some things about Tanner at 8 years old:
-Tanner loves school and loves to learn.  His favorite subjects are math and reading.
-Tanner loves sports- playing them and watching them.  He got a basketball hoop for his birthday and is getting pretty good.
-Tanner loves going to primary and learning about the Gospel.  He does a really great job paying attention.
-Tanner is a great older brother.  He always lets Dallin play with him and his friends.  He is very sweet to Brooke and will even dance with her when she asks.  He is also very helpful with Quentin and will hold him while I am busy doing things.
-Tanner tries very hard to do what is right and please others.
-Tanner is not a picky eater at all.  He'll try and eat almost anything.
-Tanner would eat 20 otter pops a day if I let him.
-Tanner is still very sweet to Aaron and I.  He still likes to hold our hands while we are walking places.  I love it, andI know it isn't going to last much longer.
Happy Birthday Tanner.  We love you!