Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A No-Theme Halloween

If you know me at all, you know I love Halloween and especially having my family's costumes match.  We've had themes for the last 5 years.  Well, I failed this year.  I actually would have been okay skipping Halloween all together, except my kids would have noticed.  Since we were/are in our temporary housing I didn't have any of my sewing/craft supplies or decorations.  We've also been so preoccupied buying a house that I really didn't get into the Halloween "mood."  So... Brooke was a fairy, she was so excited to have fancy hair and she even got to wear a little make up.  Tanner was a zombie- he thought it was awesome.  Just a side note here- a few minutes before we were going to go trick or treating I was cutting up Tanner's zombie pants, while he was wearing them (smart, I know) and did manage to cut about 8 inches off of his shoe lace- oops!  He's almost outgrown them anyways.  My sister Katie had a Power Ranger's costume, so that is what Dallin was.  She also had a bat costume, so Quentin was our little bat.  The kids had a great time dressing up and going trick or treating, and didn't seem to mind the whole "no-theme (and last minute) Halloween."  Next year my goal is to have all 6 of us dressed up- Aaron may take some convincing.  We'll see how that goes...

While I was doing Brooke's hair and make up, I did feel a little bit like one of the "Toddlers in Tiaras" mom.  She just needed hair extensions and some fake teeth.

Tanner got quite into character.

Dallin was pretty excited to be a power ranger.  The costume barely fit- if you could see him from behind- you might see a little bit of a wedgie.  But it worked, we were excited we didn't have to go buy anything.

Our little bat baby.  The boys thought it would have been really great if he could sleep hanging upside down.

Enjoying his siblings' loot.  I did let him lick a sucker- he wasn't sure what he really thought about that.