Tuesday, February 28, 2012

8 months today!

 This little guy is 8 months today!  What a cutie!  He is getting to be so much fun and has such a fun little personality.
He loves his jumper and really goes crazy in it.  It is in the doorway of our office/workout room and he loves to jump while we exercise.
He's really good at pushing up, rolling, and sitting up- but not crawling  yet.  Which is just fine with me.
Quentin loves his sister and brothers!  They make him laugh all of the time.

Brooke's Room Re-Do

 Things are finally moving along with this house- as far as decorating goes.  Brooke's room is just about done.  I would still like to find a thing or two to hang on the walls, but overall it is complete.

Like the rest of the house her ceiling and walls were beige and the trim and doors were off white.  I painted the ceiling, trim, and doors ultra pure white and the walls a soft pink- sweet nothing was the name.  Painting the walls was super fast, but the trim and ceiling was a major pain in the you-know-what.  But I am really happy with how it turned out.  I am planning on tackling the boys' room next- as soon as I recover from the crink in my neck from painting that darn ceiling.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Idaho Steelheads

 The other weekend we went to our first Idaho Steelheads Hockey game along with Katie and her family.  It was really fun and the kids had a great time (Although it made me realize the only thing I know about hockey is that they skate on the ice, occasionally fight, and are trying to make goals.  I should probably research it a little more...)  I do have to admit it made me miss our Portland Trailblazer games and going to the Rose Garden Arena.  Oh well...

Tanner LOVES any sporting event.
The kids were excited to get their own soda, hotdog, and chips.

The kids stayed very entertained, cheered, and danced.
Amazingly no one had to go leave and go to the bathroom after all that soda.
Quentin did great too.  He didn't cry once!  I think he is used to all the craziness at home so all of the loud cheering didn't phase him- he would just jump/startle every once in a while.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What the What?! Seven months already?

Where has the time seriously gone?  How can my Quenty Boo be seven months already?  More than half way to his first birthday!  It makes me so sad that he is growing so fast.  We still can't get enough of this little guy.  I have of course loved all of my babies, but there is something significant about knowing Quentin will always be "the baby."  It's been very easy to be so relaxed and "savor" all of his baby-ness.  I think one thing that has made a difference is Quentin's older siblings, they just adore him.  When I had Brooke, Tanner and Dallin were still pretty little and needy, but now they are much more independent and very helpful.  Tanner tells me at least once a day: "Mom, he is just TOO cute!"  We love this little guy more than I can say.
He's starting to think baby food is okay.
My one blue eyed babe.
Finally sitting like a big boy!
Can you see those two little teeth?
Some things about Quentin at 7 months:
~He can sit up on his own, but still topples over every once in a while.
~He has gotten very grabby lately- watch out!
~He's very into grabbing faces, necklaces, and earrings while he nurses.
~He's started a little separation anxiety and doesn't like it when I leave the room.
~He has 2 cute little teeth on the bottom.
~He loves to laugh and makes an adorable deep-belly sounding laugh.
~He's been waking up about once a night- so not too bad.
~He loves his jumper and exersaucer, but we have retired the bouncer chair- way too mature for that now.
~He's learned how to put himself to sleep- so I can lay him down in his bed awake- woo hoo!
~He loves to ride on his Dad's shoulders and thinks it is pretty funny.
~He still is very edible and squishy and needs to be nibbled on a few times a day.

Discovery Center

 A few weeks ago we met Katie and her family at the Discovery Center in downtown Boise.  It was a fun little place with lots to see and do.  The kids had a wonderful time- and the adults did too.
The boys were excited to pull themselves in the air using a pulley.
Poor Quentin only made it out of his stroller once- and that was to be fed.  He was pretty happy just to "people watch."
There was a little grocery store that Brooke, Isaac and Luke LOVED.  They spent a lot of time in there.  And Katie and I spent a lot of time undoing the damage- and attempting to put stuff away.
I really want one of these in my backyard this summer!


Brooke got a "Bitty-Baby" for Christmas from her Grandma Widing, along with a bunch of little outfits.  I gave my mom a few scraps I had leftover from some dresses I had made for Brooke.  So here they are matching.  Pretty cute if you ask me.  All of Brooke's dolls are named and all of their names end in an A.  There is Kara, Rowena, Kalua (yes, Kalua), and now there is Sunna.

Brooke the Ballerina

 Brooke started ballet in January and LOVES it!  There is a lady in our ward with a dance studio in her home and Brooke goes there on Wednesdays.  She loves Miss Laurie and actually does pretty well with the dance steps.  A three and four year old class is pretty fun (and funny) to watch.  I was trying to get some pictures of Brooke before ballet- she wouldn't hold still, she kept going from pose to pose.  I think she is pretty darn cute.