Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quentin at Nine Months

Our little Quentin is NINE months old today.  That means only 3 more months until he is a year old and that makes me sad.  He is such a fun little baby- I am not ready for him to start turning into a "kid."  Quentin has such a fun little personality, it is fun to see it get stronger as he grows.  He is kinda a crazy baby.  We love it.  Here are some things about Quentin at 9 months.
He's been working out and watching what he has been eating- in case you couldn't tell from his physique.
He's a champion sitter, pivot-er, roller, and backwards scooter.  But no crawling for him yet.  I am fine by that.  I love putting him on the hardwood floor in his fuzzy jammies and watching him scoot around backwards.  He is pretty speedy- and he dusts the floors :)
Quentin LOVES to be outside and will just sit and watch the big kids.  We cannot wait until summer!  Or at least more consistent warmer weather.
Quentin has been trying more finger foods and one of his favorites is Ritz Crackers.  Messy but tasty!
I may have made this little guy 7 bow ties the other day.  I am sure he will look back at these pictures and wonder why I did this to him.  I love it though.  I think he looks quite dapper.
Quentin is such a happy guy.  He almost always has a smile on his face.  He is very easy to laugh and very ticklish.  He also is very daring.  He loves to get tossed high into the air and swung upside down.  He loves doing all the things that make his grandmas nervous :).

Monday, March 26, 2012

Painting in the Boys' Room

 I was feeling ambitious last week, and Aaron was out of town, so I decided to tackle painting the boys' room.  So I got a handful of chick flicks to watch/listen to on the laptop and spent a few naptimes and nights painting.  Like Brooke's room the ceiling and walls were beige and the trim was off white.  So everything needed to be painted.  I used "Pewter Mug" for the wall color, it was the color they had in their room in Vancouver.  I am thinking I will do a striped accent wall eventually, but I'll wait until I feel that next wave of ambition...

If you look closely you can see the model planes the boys made hanging from the ceiling.  They got them from Papa Van Gieson and were pretty excited to have them displayed.
I love the bright white with the gray- it makes me happy!  We still need to switch out the off-white light switch.  I'll let Aaron do that.  I'll paint, but mess with electricity?   No thank you!

Soccer and a touch of Spring

Spring is here and we have been able to enjoy a little bit of warmer weather.  We've had a handful of really nice days- followed by some really cold and nasty days.  Oh well, we will take what we can get.  The boys just started Spring Soccer.  This is a new thing for us- we've never been a soccer family before.  We'll see how it goes and what we think about spending our Saturdays at the soccer field.

We've been trying to practice with the boys and get them up to speed.  Dallin gets a little distracted- to say the least.
Even Brooke gets in on the action.  She said she is okay with just doing ballet- I am totally fine with that.

Whoo hoo for sun and a little warmth!
Brooke, Quentin, and I go to the library for story time most weeks.  They made this cute headband the other week.  I thought Brooke looked so cute and "springy."

Saturday was our first game day.  The boys did great.  Dallin was a little bit clueless, he did a little more running with the crowd than actually chasing the ball.  We'll work on that one.  Tanner was very into it.  His competitive personality really payed off.  He actually made a goal!  And managed to get a black eye colliding with another boy.

Dallin's game was pretty early and it was COLD!  Quentin was content to be bundled and chew on Buzz Lightyear.
Brooke stayed bundled too.  Next time we will be bringing hot chocolate.

Cousins Come To Visit

We were really excited to have some visitors a few weeks ago.  Sara and Daniel and their kiddos, plus Stacie, Cliff, and Calvin came and stayed with us for a long weekend.  Sara and Daniel flew out of Boise to check out housing in France (they left their kids with Daniel's parents in Rexburg) and stayed with us a couple of days afterward.  Stacie and her family came up from Provo to see the Flamms before they leave for Paris for 3 years.  I am trying not to think too much about them being gone...
The kids loved playing together.  Sara gave them all "comfort kits" from the flight.  So they had their sleeping masks, ear plugs, socks, lotion...  They thought it was great.  Brooke kept saying "Sara!  That was so nice of you!"

We had a couple nice days of spring weather, so the kids were able to play outside.  We went to Settler's Park one afternoon, it was a hit.  This is Brooke's wink I can count on anytime it is bright outside.
Kylee and Brooke, loving the swings.
Quentin loves the swings too.  And I love having my little helpers push him.
I didn't take very many pictures- we were just too busy playing.  Somehow Stacie's family eluded my camera. We are really going to miss the Flamms, but we are excited to hear about their adventures in Europe.