Saturday, April 28, 2012

10 Months Old!

Our little Quenty is 10 months old.  Good grief how time flies.  He continues to be the star of our home.  We just can't get enough of him.  Here are a few things about Quentin at 10 months.

-He's a good eater and will try most things I give him.
-He's a good little sleeper and will take 2 good naps a day and sleep about 10-12 hours at night (still in our closet, I need to move him upstairs one of these days...)
-He is finally scooting around- kind of an army crawl thing.
-He is very curious and wants to check out and grab everything.
-He's kind of crazy and loves being tossed in the air and swung upside down.  Aaron will stick him on his shoulders and hold onto his legs and he will just throw himself backwards- without a second thought.  He thinks its hilarious (both Quentin AND Aaron).
-He loves to put everything in his mouth, of course.
-If someone says Yay! he will stop what he is doing and clap.
-He babbles a lot and says Mama the most ;)
-He's still a very happy and content little guy.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Warm Weather Happenings

We've had some really warm weather here lately.  Like in the 80s!  It has been wonderful!  We've been taking advantage of every second of if.

We took a little bike ride to TCBY the other evening...
Quentin looks less than thrilled, but he does really well in the bike trailer.  As long as his sister leaves him alone that is.

It's the start of Otter Pop season!  I bought 2 boxes of 100 the other day, so we are ready for the warm weather.

Oh man, its bright out here!
We set up the wading pool and sprinkler under the trampoline, yay!  Tanner's had his neighbor friends over a lot lately to play- especially since the weather has been nice.
We've gone to a few parks...

Watched a few soccer games...
Soaked up some sun...

We took a walk near Lucky Peak Reservoir last week.  It was fun to check it out and walk along the river.

We have had one little mishap lately.  Dallin was at soccer practice and he and his friend had quite the collision.  Austin's head to Dallin's eye.  Ouch!
Aaron took this right after it happened.  Notice the crying boogers are still present.
This is what it looked like the next morning.  Good thing it was an inservice day- so it had one more day to heal.  It turned a nice shade of purple.  It kind of looked like he got into the eye shadow.  It is finally a yellowy/green color.  So a few more days and it should be cleared up.  All in the name of soccer- sheesh!

We can't wait until summer break and consistently warm weather.  And I really can't wait until I don't have to make 3 trips to the school a day :)  We are just going to play for 3 months straight!

Easter Morning

 Easter was a beautiful day.  It was sunny and warm- really the perfect day.  We kept pretty low key.  An egg hunt, yummy grilled dinner, and an after dinner walk.  We had wonderful dinner time conversation about what Easter really means.  It makes my heart happy to hear my kids' growing testimonies of Jesus Christ. 

Before church we snapped a handful of pictures of the kiddos.  With each kid that comes along it gets trickier and trickier.
Check out this handsome guy.  Yes, he even has his hair combed.

I want to squeeze him!
Isn't she pretty?  I had hopes of sewing her a dress this year, we'll it didn't happen.  But Costco came through for us- as it always does.

I am pretty sure my boys don't even realize I still have them match every once in awhile.  We'll see how long I can get away with it.  I made all of the boys bow ties, I thought they looked pretty dapper, although Tanner and Dallin informed me they would only wear them on Easter- and that's it!  Hey, at least I got one day out of them, which was more than I expected. ;)

No pink bow tie for Aaron, that would have been a little too much.  Although he does have a hot pink tie in his closet...  Maybe next year. ;)

Dallin has had enough!
Success!  Our one decent shot.  Aren't they sweet?


 Easter wouldn't be complete without dyeing tons of eggs.  The kids love dyeing eggs and were sad when we ran out.  I made 2 dozen hard boiled eggs and then we went ahead and dyed a few dozen raw eggs as well.  I was sure to keep them separate and label them.  So far, no mishaps.  Anyone remember what happened to Ramona?...
Can you tell it is the end of the day- we're looking a bit ratty.

Quentin wanted in on the action, this was a good place for him (don't look too closely at the sink).

Here's how the whole scene looked.  It was fun and we managed only to dye eggs, nothing else.  Success!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Break

 Our Spring Break was full of snow.  We went to Ponderosa State Park in McCall Idaho for a couple of days.  The have some nice little cabins that are half price during the off-season, so we took advantage of it.  It is a beautiful place and it felt good to see more trees- especially the evergreens.  It felt a little more like "home."  We had a great time, the kids LOVED it and want to live in McCall.  We can't wait to go back this summer.
We stopped at the Pancake House when we first got to McCall.  Delicious!  And everything was huge.
Check out that cinnamon roll!

Poor Quentin only had Honeycombs.

There was still a ton of snow, the kids (especially the boys) had so much fun playing in it.

Quentin spent a lot of time in the cabin playing on the floor.

Brookie was kind of wimpy when it came to the snow (like the no-pant look?) She would get snow in her boots or gloves and want to take them off, and then get cold- go figure.

So Brookie and I spent a lot of time chillin' in the cabin.

Dallin working on his tunnel.
There he is!

Brooke took this picture- I thought it was cute.
She also took this one.  Not bad either.
More playing on the kitchen floor.

Dinner time!
The "big" kids slept in the loft.  They thought it was great.

I love his Ritz smile.  He is such a little goober.  I forgot his booster- so we brought in the stroller.
The boys and I ice skated in town.  They had never been before and did a lot better than I thought they were going to.  Tanner took off and was pretty speedy.  Dallin was a little more cautious but did great.
I hadn't been ice skating in about 15 years or so and man do those ice skates kill my feet and ankles.  I think I will just watch next time.  Yes, I am a wimp.

They had fun playing on the snow banks and sliding down them.
Brooke heading back to the cabin.

Aaron and the boys were working on a little snow cave.  By the end of the day it was a pretty good size.

We saw quite a few deer before we left as well as a fox- pretty exciting stuff.