Sunday, July 29, 2012

4th of July

 We had a great 4th of July this year.  Katie and her kids came up to spend the day with us.  We went swimming and had a pizza party with some friends during the day.  Then that evening we had a BBQ and potluck with a bunch of the neighbors.  When it finally got dark we all lit off fireworks.  It was so much fun!  But the only pictures I managed to take were when we were swimming.

Aaron was happy to launch anyone into the air that was willing.

Dallin is pretty excited that he can finally jump off the diving board and make it to the side unassisted.
Quentin and his friend Mary.  They were pretty happy to sit in their strollers and keep each other company.
Tanner mid-flip

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our Cascade Get-Away

Last week we had a little 2 day get-away to Cascade Idaho.  This winter I found a Groupon for a nights stay at the Ashley Inn, so we took advantage of that and explored the area.  When we first got there we set up on one of the sandy areas on Lake Cascade.  We played in the water and the sand for the afternoon, we had a great time and it was beautiful!  There were mountains and lots of trees so it reminded us quite a bit of Western Washington.
We picnicked and played on the beach.
Quentin's stroller has been doubling as his highchair a lot this summer.  He doesn't seem to mind.

Everyone got a turn in the raft.
Even Quenty.

Quentin loved destroying the sand castles.

We got creative burying Tanner in the sand.  He was a good sport :).

The Ashley Inn is a Victorian hotel, so it was pretty over the top with flowery decorations and tea sets everywhere.  But we really enjoyed our stay, we had plenty of space in our room, everything was clean, the employees were super friendly, the kids loved the pool, and breakfast in the morning was delicious.

Looking good Dallin!

I really wanted to do a hike while we were in Cascade, so I looked up some trails online and found one that looked like it would work for our family.  We took Snowbank road and kept it going up and up and up.  By the time we got to the very top we were 8300 feet above sea level.  And there was still snow.  It was beautiful and we had quite the view.  We still decided to do our hike to Blue Lake, even though there was still a bit of snow and Aaron was wearing flip-flops.

That is Blue Lake in the background, still a little slushy.
 We finished off our trip with a picnic dinner at a park in Eagle on our way home.  The kids got to play on the playground and in the splash pad.

It was such a fun weekend.  We can't wait to go back.  We are loving our Idaho summer!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Camping at Farewell Bend

We did a little overnight camping trip a few weekends ago.  We went up to Farewell Bend for a night.  Aaron had some family up in Weiser for Fiddle Festival so we decided to go camp and then spend an afternoon with them.  Our whole family hadn't been tent camping together since Brooke was a baby, we've been wimps staying in cabins and yurts.  The kids loved it, and Quentin did better than I anticipated.  Although, it will be really nice when he is walking.  Crawling and camping don't go well together.
There really wasn't a good area for swimming, but we managed to find a place to wade.
And there was some wonderful mud there.

Farewell Bend is a great place to fish...if you can go out in a boat, but we tried anyway.

The kids were having a great time doing these action shots.  Something weird was happening with the focus/exposure and some of their body parts were being lost in the background.
The kids were dying when they saw this one.  Hilarious!
Little Q spent a lot of time in the stroller.  Poor guy.  I just couldn't let him down a lot on the thorny ground to eat weird things.

We stopped in Weiser for the Fiddle Festival parade.  It was really fun, the kids got a ton of candy, so it was a success.  Then we stopped by the RV park where some of our Montana family was staying.  We saw Great Grandma Wheeler, Micki and Pete, Lee and Emily, Frances, and Katherine.  We had lunch and visited for the afternoon.  It was really great to see them.  I lucked out in the in-law department.

An ice cream truck came by and Uncle Lee treated us all to ice cream.  Lucky!  I don't think we've ever gotten our kids anything from the ice cream man before.  Yep, we're cheap.
There was a finger print on my lens- but there we are with Great Grandma Wheeler.
On a side note:  Right after we got to the RV park Tanner got stung by a bee, right under his eye.  We iced it and it looked fine...  Until he got up the next morning.  This is how he looked:

It was horrible!  And it took a while to go down.  I ended up taking him to the Dr. and they gave him some prednisone and steriod eye drop and it finally got better.  Sheesh Tanner!