Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Trip To Utah

We went down to Utah last month for a long weekend.  We stayed with Lauren and Jared along with my parents, Katie and her boys.  It was a fun trip, we hung out with my family, saw Stacie and her family, and saw our good friends the Walkers.
Grandma was in heaven with her grand babies.  Wyatt, Quentin, and Luke are all June babies- one baby boy each June for 3 years in a row.
 We went to Tibble Reservoir and did some 4 wheeling, fishing, picnicking, and playing in the water.
Grandpa and Tanner were really the only ones patient enough to fish.

Now that's a summertime baby!
Luke held a pole for a couple of minutes and actually caught a fish.  He is such a little chatterbox, he said over and over "I caught a fish, it runned away."
I think baby Wyatt was the only clean one.  He'll be filthy like Quentin next year.
Tanner catches a fish!
Lauren and Jared had a couple of ATV at their place so we all went for a couple of rides a day.  I had never driven one before and I was surprised at how much I liked it.
Even Quentin got in on the action.
This picture just makes me laugh- check out Dallin's face and then Isaac's.  Ha ha!
We are just missing baby Wyatt.

Brookie the babysitter!  This little guy was a big reason we came down to UT, we wanted to see him and also be at his blessing.  He's such a cutie and such a mellow baby.

 We saw (a very pregnant) Stacie, Cliff, and Calvin one day.  We went to a fun splash pad, to dinner, and to another park.  It was really fun to see them- we were hoping Stacie would have their new baby before we left, but no such luck- it was a week later.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Old Idaho Penitentiary

When my parents came for a visit last month we toured the Old Idaho Penitentiary.  It was a really interesting place to check out and the kids really liked it too.  The prison first opened in 1872 and closed permanently after riots and a fire in the 1970s- so it was pretty interesting to see the different buildings and find out what kind of prisoners were held there over the years.

Check out these mug shots.  I wonder what crimes they committed...
Yikes!  Don't mess with him!

There were a few "haunted" places at the prison.  This solitary confinement cell is one of them.  Dallin was a little nervous to go in at first, but Brooke jumped right in and said "See, I'm not scared!"  He couldn't get shown up by his little sister.  There were definitely some creepy areas there.  Not a place I would want to be at night.
The cell was 4x8 feet- talk about miserable.

 There was also a weapons/war museum on the prison ground that we checked out.

He looks pretty happy to be in the trenches.
Grandpa was on Quentin duty. Quentin was definitely done by the end.  It was hot and he was tired!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Did I mention Tanner turned 9?

Tanner turned 9 last month.  He's getting so old!  He had a great birthday.  When he woke up he opened his presents which were a wii game and a pocket knife.  He was so surprised and excited to have a Swiss Army Knife (don't worry it's kept on Aaron's dresser).
Every boys' dream, a Swiss Army Knife
Tanner had a "Splash Bash" for his party.  We had about 10 boys over.  We had pizza, watermelon, and soda for dinner.  They played a bunch of water relays and games.  I think I filled about 250 water balloons, that of course were gone in about 6 seconds.  Tanner decided that instead of a cake they would build their own ice cream sundaes.  It was fun and easy party.  Gotta love those summer birthdays!
The trampoline with the sprinkler underneath was a good "filler" activity.

Happy Birthday Tanner!  We love you so much!

A few things about Tanner at 9 years old:
~Tanner is getting big!  He went to the doctor and is in the 80th percentile for height and weight.  Its always kind of surprising to me when my kids get a little on the tall side- since I have never experienced that :)
~Tanner loves to read.  He HAS to read before he goes to bed and loves reading pretty much everything, but really likes books with interesting fact and information.
~Tanner is very helpful with housework and his younger siblings.  He rarely complains and I am so grateful for that.
~Tanner is a great student and loves school.
~He is a bit of a wii and technology addict.
~His foot is the same size as mine- yikes!
~He's a sweet boy and tries really hard to choose the right.  We love our Tanner!