Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Brooke tells me this morning out of the blue:  "Mom, I love love LOVE when I get new shoes!"  Oh man, she is only 4...

Monday, January 7, 2013

Thanksgiving 2012

So, I am just a little bit behind on things... But better late than never right?  Thanksgiving was a lot of fun.  We hosted it at our place and my parents and all of my siblings came.  It was a full house!  We hung out, ate, and then ate some more.  Here are some random pictures of the day. 

The main trouble makers.
My Dad is going to love this one, haha!
We love Grandma!
A lot of football watching happening.
Those boys...
Tanner was dying to eat a turkey leg.  Pretty disgusting looking if you ask me.
The "in between" table I guess. Tanner is way too cool for the kid table.
The kids' table.  Not much eating was going on here.
Candy turkeys.  Even Rod was getting in on the action.