Friday, February 1, 2013

Sledding on New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve we went sledding at Steamboat Gulch in Idaho City.  You just pay to park and then there are a ton of groomed runs- and let me tell you, some of them are REALLY fast.  Katie and Andy met us there and it was so much fun!  We had a camp stove and fire pit, so we were able to tailgate and have Cup O'Soups, hot chocolate, and s'mores.  We had a really great time- the kids loved it- hopefully we can make it up there one more time this winter.

Getting our little "camp" set up.
Quentin was very bundled and probably couldn't bend very well, but he was still a pretty good sport.

There were some nice slow hills for the little ones.
Quentin loved going for little rides.
It looks like Quentin and Isaac are having a serious conversation here, it cracks me up.
Surprisingly we stayed pretty warm.  It was really sunny and since you have to walk up to the top of the sledding hills, you stay nice and toasty.
Love it Dallin!
A good spot to eat a Cup O'Soup

This is definitely my favorite picture of the day, I can't stop smiling when I look at it, check out Luke front and center.  Love it!
We only managed to have two little mishaps that day.  Unfortunately they both involved Brooke.  On the way up she got carsick.  Luckily she gave us warning and I was able to quickly get one of the freezer ziplock bags I keep in the glove box for such occasions.  A funny note about that- I didn't want the bag of puke to stay in the car while we sled, so I set it in the snow right by my door so I would be sure to stick it in the trash before we left.  Well, we are part way home and Brooke says "Where's my puke, I want to look at it." (I know, she's strange.)  Yeah, we left the bag of puke and probably backed over it too.  Oops!  Brooke's other mishap was my fault.  I took her down a run without taking a trial run first.  I thought I could just hang onto her between my legs on the sled- no such luck- she fell half off and "snow burned" her face before I could grab her.  I felt really bad!  And it looked really bad for a few days.

Christmas Morning!

Our Christmas Break this year was very relaxing.  We stayed in Boise for the whole break and it was actually really nice.  Aaron was able to work from home quite a bit, so we were able to spend a lot of time together- playing games, with new toys, watching movies, going on outings...  We did miss our extended family though, and look forward to going to Washington next year.
Santa Came!
I love when Santa comes and everything is set up.  It so exciting and "magical."
Wake up Quentin!  Santa came!

Brooke was beyond excited for her play kitchen, she has been wanting one for quite some time.
A new watch and a new football.
Big Al's gift cards.  We've already been bowling and played in the arcade, I think they still have enough left for another arcade trip.
Oh man, Brookie also has two new Barbies.
Our kids actually slept in past 8am on Christmas morning- but here is why:  Tanner comes down to our bedroom at 1am, then 2am, then 3am to tell us he just can't sleep.  Why are you telling us this Tanner!?!  My guess is he woke up to go to the bathroom and then saw that Santa had come.  We were trying hard to be patient (we remember not being able to sleep Christmas Eve too), but told Tanner- "Just go to bed, or if you are having a hard time sleeping, read a book.  Just don't wake us or anyone else up."  So a little while later at about 4am Aaron hears clunking around upstairs.  He goes up to investigate and Tanner and Dallin are both awake in their room, lights on playing Monopoly, with Yahtzee set up as well.  Good grief!  "But Dad, we just can't sleep!  We are too excited!"  Of course Aaron sent them back to bed, and that is why we all slept in the next morning. Boys!

Lights at the Idaho Botanical Gardens

Christmas Eve we went to the light display at the Idaho Botanical Gardens.  It was really pretty and a lot of fun.  We got hot apple cider, hot chocolate, and cookies- so that was a plus too.  There were a lot of trails to walk on and quite a few displays.

Oh Tanner...
Enjoying a cookie.  What else is there to do when you are stuck in a stroller the whole time?

It was a little chilly that night.

Whoops, I cut off the top of Aaron's head, but I still think they are all pretty cute.

Chirstmas Picture Attempts...

Anyone who has more than one child knows how hard it is to get a decent picture of all of your children.  Every year I have hopes of cute pictures in front of the Christmas tree, we'll...  I think I need to lower my expectations.  However, I did end up with a couple that turned out okay.

 And here are the outtakes.  They crack me up!

I can't remember what Aaron was doing in the background, but it was something that Quentin hated and Dallin thought was hilarious.

Can you guess who creates most of our picture taking problems?

Oh man, we'll see how it goes next year...

Graham Cracker House Extravaganza!

 Katie, Andy, and their kids came up one Saturday before Christmas so we could make graham cracker houses.  It was so much fun!  The kids did really great, they surprised us by how capable they were.
The kids sketched out their plans and we did out best to help them out with the graham cracker part of things.  I did totally use hot glue on the graham crackers.
Then the kid when to town with their bags of frosting and all of the candy.

Tanner was really into it, I think he was the last to finish.
Some of the boys had rockets- can you tell?
Even Katie and I were able to make houses- it was fun!  And we really only had one "eater" in the group.  Can you guess who that was?  I'll give you a clue: He's the shortest.
Dallin made the rocket and little house behind him.
There's Brookie's house on the end.
There's Tanners! ( Don't look to close at the messy kitchen.)

Crazy kids!