Thursday, April 4, 2013

Chess Club

Tanner and Dallin have been participating in Chess Club this year.  Every Wednesday they stay after school for an hour and play chess- hopefully learning new strategies and getting better.  They have loved it and even got to play in a novice tournament.  They definitely weren't the champs of the tournament, but they had a good time.  It was for most of a Saturday- and I am so grateful that they have a dad who is such a good sport and took them and hung out with them all day.

Their school had the most wins!

The Big Freeze!

 The month of January was COLD!  Like really cold, like below zero cold.  I know for some places that is normal, but it was a first for us.  We did get a few good dumpings of snow that was fun to play in.  After awhile though it was nice to have it melt off the streets and sidewalks.  Aaron and the boys used their creativity to stay busy in the snow.

First it started as a snow castle.

Then it melted, fell over, then snowed more and became a "Quincy".  Yes, there is actually a real name for a snow structure like this.  It was surprisingly sturdy and roomy inside.

Aaron got a good workout with all that shoveling.  He even shoveled the neighbors driveway and "borrowed" his snow.

He is just so cute!
Here's the inside.  There was talk of sleeping in it.  Uh, no thanks!