Thursday, July 18, 2013

Weekend in Sun Valley

At the end of June we spent a weekend in Sun Valley.  Earlier in the year we found a Living Social Deal for a hotel in Ketchum.  We had never been, so we decided to check it out.  It was a lot of fun.  We hiked, rode bikes, swam in the hotel pool and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

We stopped in Hailey and ate at a yummy Mexican place.  The kids are working hard on those menus.
Our first little hike.  It was a little drizzly and cold the first day we got there, but we survived :)

The next day was beautiful!  The kids loved this area.  Lots of rock throwing and exploring.
Can you spot the boys?

Dallin was loving exploring the river.

Ketchum was a really cute town to explore.  Lots of shops were a little too fancy for us (we did a lot of window shopping)- but we did manage to make a few trips to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.
A valuable lesson on sharing, or cheap parents?  Take your pick.
This was our favorite hike. Murdock Creek.  It was beautiful and perfect for the kids.

More water to throw rocks in.

There was a pump park in town that the boys loved- even Aaron, until he broke his bike that is...

On our way out of town we did another little hike by the river.  It was another good one for the kids- lots of rocks and water.

By the end we were all worn out.  It was fun though, we can't wait to go back.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Quick Weekend Trip To Ponderosa State Park

My parents and Lauren came up for a visit during the beginning of June.  While they were here we decided to spend 2 nights up in McCall and stay at Ponderosa State Park.  Katie, Andy and their family came too.  It was a ton of fun, just not long enough.
We had to introduce everyone to the Pancake House.
 The weather was perfect- quite warm for so early in June.  But the water was still pretty cold.
Aaron was trying to convince everyone to run and jump in with him.

Warming up on the sand.
He was in trouble maker heaven.  Making messes and getting dirty.
We did lots of biking.
And fishing.

This started out as Tanner just being buried in the sand.  Then we tried to make him into a Buddha, then it kinda of turned gorilla-ish.  Who knows?  It looks a little inappropriate.  Tanner is a good sport!
Cute boys!  Quentin was a little bit bossy to Wyatt and may have taught him some bad habits...
Flying baby!  Grandma loves this trick ;)

The log provided some good entertainment as well.

I love Brooke, and Tanner's photo-bomb in this one.

This is the way summer should look...